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Mike Wood
Marco Zazueta
Tim Whipple
Office & Medical Buildings (Owner-Occupant Sales/Tenant Rep Only) Restaurants and Bars Business Sales
Bruce Cerrito
Mergers & Acquisitions $5-$30 million, Business Brokerage $200,000 - $5 million, Manufacturing/Service/Distribution.
Mike Frischenmeyer
Mergers & Acquisitions-small to midmarket, No restaurants or retail businesses. Examples of businesses sold: Tactical Weapons Mfg., Digital Aerial Aviation, Electronics Mfg., Commercial Glass Co., Demolition, FAA Repair, Computer Hardware mfg., Electronic Transaction processing Software Co. $1 to $50 million business to business.
TJ Hammer
Specialties in Pest Control, HVAC, Cleaning, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail businesses.
Brian Harron
Specific specialty in restaurants, bars, and liquor licenses.
Dick Haugland
Specialty in automotive/auto repair.
Rebecca Roberts
COSTAR/LOOPNET SUBSCRIBER Commercial Leasing & Commercial Properties
Paul Blum
CCIM Designation COSTAR/LOOPNET SUBSCRIBER Commercial Leasing & Commercial Properties
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