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Jason Morgan

Commercial REALTOR
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COSTAR/LOOPNET Subscriber. Specializing in Commercial Properties.

Specialties: Business Strategy Consulting (Start-Up, Exit/Transition Planning, Value Building), Middle Market- Mergers & Acquisitions, Capacity Building (for Entrepreneurs, Executives & Employees), Human Resources, Synergy Building, Purposeful Investing, Business Transformation, Leading Change.

Jason Morgan, Sr. has almost two Decades of Entrepreneurship Experience and has Launched, Sold, and Exited two of his own companies in a 12-year span of time as well as had Experience on the Buy Side in working with one of the largest I/DD (Medical) companies in the world on the Corporate Development Team. His experience has not only given him the depth of understanding in what it takes for an entrepreneur or company to successfully Start, Grow, Sell, and Exit a company, but most importantly, Jason’s Experience has given him the actual understanding of what an owner of a company goes through mentally and emotionally over the whole course of the Business Cycle.

Jason’s heart is to give what he has gained through his success, failures (opportunities), learnings, and hammered out/proven ways of building in order to help his clients avoid future mistakes, and setbacks while hitting their target(s) in the most accurate manner. In this, he seeks to help a company start correctly with the “Ideal Exit” in mind as well as to thoroughly prepare a Buyer or Seller in order to gain the most value, and best position during the negotiation and Due Diligence processes.

In addition to experience, Jason is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor through the Alliance of Merger & Acquisitions Advisors, as well as a Certified Exit Planner through the Exit Planning Institute, which has equipped Jason, and SBIS to offer much more than the average company. Some of the services offered are: M&A Advising, Business Strategy Consulting- Capacity Building, Business Start-Up, Exit Planning, Performance Improvement, and Human Resources Consulting.